Champagne Elegance

Champagne Elegance


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Champagne Elegance is simple, sophisticated and modern. This white and green bouquet is sure to add a touch of elegance to your home. It is made up of royal lilies, spray stock, and gerbera. Blue eucalyptus and agonis are used to complement the flowers. This bouquet is carefully arranged in a classic glass urn vase. A diamond mesh ribbon is wrapped around the vase to add an air of luxury.

This arrangement is luxurious and sophisticated. The flowers used represent understanding, love, and purity. The white and black mix further describes this. When you need a simple and sophisticated gift for a friend or loved one, this arrangement is the perfect idea.

Champagne Elegance is classic and is a great way to show appreciation and understanding for someone in your life. You can present this bouquet and the recipient is sure to understand that you care and appreciate what they have done for you.