Cool Breeze

Cool Breeze


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Cool breeze is cool and vibrant with a bit of sophistication. This arrangement includes iris, pom pom, hydrangea, clematis, stock, and carnation. This leads to a mix of varying hues of purple with quick bursts of bright greens. This arrangement is in a lily bowl and is finished with a delicate ribbon.

Irises represent deep sentiment and symbolize courage, admiration, and faith. Hydrangeas represent being grateful and understanding. It is also the flower that symbolizes the fourth wedding anniversary. Clematis is an ornamental flower that symbolizes ingenuity. The stock flower symbolizes happy life and welcoming. The carnation is the flower of love.

This arrangement is graceful and sophisticated. It is the perfect choice for a fourth wedding anniversary or when you want to show someone that you care and appreciate them. This vibrant arrangement is sure to be appreciated with its delicate grace and bright contrast of colors.