Gretchen's Garden

Gretchen's Garden


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Gretchen's garden is whimsical, romantic, and has the feel of an English garden. This arrangement incorporates many flowers, including gerbera, hydrangea, spray stock, wax flower, tulips, and dusty miller. This bouquet is delicately placed into a clear, round glass planter. The round shape of the container adds an extra touch of elegance.

Gerberas add a touch of cheer and innocence to the arrangement. Hydrangeas symbolize gratefulness and a sense of understanding. Spray stock flowers represent lasting beauty and love. Wax flowers express success, either in love or career. Tulips represent a love that is pure and perfect. Dusty miller symbolizes happiness.

Gretchen's Garden provides a mix of love, success, and happiness. This arrangement is perfect for any occasion and makes the perfect gift for everyone that you care for. This is a good arrangement for special occasions or anytime that you want to express love or happiness toward another person.