Hot Pink Delight

Hot Pink Delight


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Hot Pink Delight is sexy, fresh, and happy. This vibrant flower arrangement catches the eye and induces a state of happiness and cheer. This bouquet uses topaz roses and hot pink carnations. Plaid fuchsia ribbon is weaved throughout the arrangement and shiny, hot pink wire adds a little extra spark. This arrangement is placed into a sophisticated glass vase that is in the shape of a cube.

Pink roses express elegance and grace. When this rose is given, it symbolizes admiration and appreciation. The carnation is a symbol of love and passion. When combined, these flowers reflect pure love that is deep and unmatched.

This flower arrangement can be given to show love or friendship. It makes the perfect gift for romantic holidays or to friends who enjoy bright and fresh bouquets. If you are looking for the perfect anniversary gift or birthday present, look no further than Hot Pink Delight.