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Hot Property


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Hot Property is fresh, sunny, and festive. This flower arrangement incorporates many hues of orange and yellow. This bouquet includes tulips, solidago, gerbera, leucodendron, hypericum, spray rose, and royal lilies. This arrangement is placed into a weaved basket, giving it a friendly and outdoorsy feel.

Tulips represent love and cheer. Gerbera also expresses cheer, as well as happy love. Leucodendrons symbolize simple beauty that is easy and free flowing. Royal lilies represent promise, purity, and passion. When combined, these flowers express family, happiness, and love. This makes this arrangement perfect for family get-togethers.

This bouquet is perfect for a variety of occasions. It is a good gift idea when you want to give someone a summer gift, when you want to present a housewarming gift, or when you simply want to brighten someone's day. It also works well as a Thanksgiving centerpiece or a general centerpiece for the fall season.