Paradise Found

Paradise Found


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Paradise Found is a classic, romantic, and whimsical flower arrangement. This bouquet is also colorful and has a traditional vintage feel to it. This arrangement includes lilies, roses, parrot tulips, and hypericum. Ivy is used to complement the flowers used in this bouquet. All of the flowers are delicately placed into a glass cube vase. A ribbon is used to complete the look.

Tulips symbolize perfect love and have been a popular way to display this throughout history. Roses represent passionate love. Lilies express purity and marriage. When these flowers come together, they reflect a love that is pure, passionate, and perfect.

Paradise Found is the perfect gift when you want to express your love for someone. The colors and the traditional vintage feel of the arrangement is sure to bring happiness to someone's day. It is also a good idea when you need a gift for an anniversary or a birthday for someone that you love.