Riverbed Blooms

Riverbed Blooms


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Riverbed Blooms are bright, stylish, and modern. This arrangement is a mix of bright purples, natural greens, and river rocks. The flowers that make up this bouquet include hyacinth and iris. The arrangement also includes natural foliage, including ivy, curly willow tip, and bear grass. This tranquil arrangement comes together in a rectangular glass vase. River rocks are laid on the bottom to increase the natural beauty of the bouquet.

Hyacinth represents sincerity and constancy. Iris symbolizes wisdom, faith, courage, and hope. This combination makes Riverbed Blooms a good gift idea for those who could use a pick me up. If you know someone starting a new journey, or ending an old one, this arrangement can be just what they need.

This bouquet brings with it vibrant purples and natural rocks and foliage. This combination is peaceful and tranquil. If someone you love needs a little serenity, this arrangement is the perfect gift.