Under The Sea

Under The Sea


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Under the Sea is very unique, fun, vibrant, and clean. It has a futuristic feel, but still remains elegant. It contains different colors of leucodendrons, myrtle, and pin cushion. It is in a footed bubble bowl and has black stones lining the bottom. The arrangement is completed with kenzan.

The leucodendron has more that one meaning. It can symbolize beauty that is simple. This flower is often used as a gift when you want to compliment someone for doing a good job. It can also express superstition. Myrtle is a symbol of love and it was sacred to the goddess Venus.

This arrangement is unique and fun. It makes a great gift when you want to give a gift to someone you want to congratulate. You can also give it to someone to remind them of your love. It works perfectly for both of these occasions. Since it is colorful and different than traditional bouquets, it also makes a good gift when you simply want to brighten someone's day.